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 “People with a new idea are considered

crackpots until the thing catches on.”

Mark Twain


We are a dynamic Swiss team with a lot of enthusiasm and a healthy and vital attitude to life. We draw motivation from exercise, our friends, animals and family.

We get joy when our ideas meet with approval.

With the deXton®FLY, we wanted to design a piece of sports equipment that can be used by everyone*, whether beginner or professional. We succeeded after a long and intensive development period. This gives us the incentive to keep at it and to keep tinkering.




Inventor & Managing Director

Why did I develop deXton®FLY?

The idea came about spontaneously because I have been suffering from back pain for over 30 years. The older I got, the less I felt like spending my time with physiotherapies, in a gym or in the swimming pool.

So suddenly the idea of the Fly came to me. One day, as I was doing the laundry, two flannels fell into my hands and I tried to do a breaststroke on the floor. I thought the exercise was sensational, but I still lacked the necessary range of motion in my wrists and everything should be more reactive to strengthen the torso even more.

Spectacularly, I dismantled my moth cupboard and thus constructed my first fly. Over the next few days I discussed with a good friend how we could make it more manageable and lighter. We tried various materials and came up with suitable and also recyclable materials, which are now used for the Fly due to its light and robust construction.

In this way, we developed and patented a high-quality, efficient piece of sports equipment for everyone in every discipline from a simple invention. Today, we inspire physio, fitness and martial arts centres as well as individual, team and e.g. motor racing athletes with our unique world novelty.

In this way, everyone can positively improve their vitality and everyday life in a short time. I myself train every day with my deXton®FLY and my attitude to life is on a new level.

thank you for your support